Acids, Bases, and pH


  • Cabbage Juice Lab ( – Students will test various substances using cabbage juice and litmus paper as an indicator.
  • Cabbage Juice Indicator Lab (The Science House) – Students use red cabbage as an indicator to test whether various substances are an acid or a base.
  • Invisible Ink demonstration (The Science House) – Using Windex, ammonia/vinegar, and acetic acid, the teacher will demonstrate that phenolphthalein is a chemical that displays differing colors depending on either the acidity or the basicity of the environment.
  • The Witches’ Potion (The Science House) – This demonstration shows that phenolphthalein is an acid/base indicator.
  • Mysterious Solutions (Miami Museum of Science) – Students use cabbage water to classify substances as an acid or base.
  • Cleaning Pennies (Miami Museum of Science) – Students clean pennies with acidic and basic solutions to determine which cleans copper better.
  • Acid Rain (Miami Museum of Science) – Students take pH measurements for rain in their neighborhood and compare it with other students’ findings. This activity is best when conducted over several weeks during a rainy time of year.



  • The pH Factor (Miami Museum of Science) – Great site for exploring pH more. Explains acids and bases.
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