• Encyclopedia Mythica – Online encyclopedia of Greek gods, heroes, and monsters; includes genealogy charts. Search available.
  • Theoi Greek Mythology – Extensive bios of various Greek gods, heroes, and mythical beings; also includes image galleries and texts.
  • – Online encyclopedia of characters in Greek mythology.
  • – Overview of different myths; quizzes; includes a section on modern companies, etc. with Greek names.
  • Pictures of Greek gods and heroes (BBC)
  • Ancient Greeks: Gods and Heroes (BBC) – Overview of Greek mythology, Zeus, temples, heroes, and the underworld.
  • Perseus Collection – Collection of Greek texts such as The Iliad. Please note that these translations are not children or young adult editions and might be difficult for the average middle school to comprehend.
  • Greek Myth Constellations (The Constellation Webpage) – Learn about a constellation that coincides with a Greek myth.


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