New science activities posted

19 Jul

Now up:


New science activities posted

15 Jul

Now up and running:

Cell structure – covers prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells, including plant and animal cells

Cell reproduction – mitosis and meiosis

New science activities posted

20 May

This site is brand new, but I do have a few pages up and running:

Acids, Bases, and pH

Atomic Models, Bonding

Chemical Reactions

Periodic Table

You can find these pages under Science > Chemistry.

Hello world!

20 May

Hello! Welcome to my Middle School page. As a teacher I am constantly trying out new lesson plans to make learning fun. While there are a plethora of activities online for elementary students, age-appropriate activities for middle schoolers are scarce. Everybody seems to be afraid of that age group, but I find they are a joy to teach. Here I hope to inspire you to get out of the textbook and enjoy hands-on learning in your classroom.